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RFID Applications - Security
The following are the list of RFID products which can be used for Security applications.
  • Java Card/JCop Card OS

    It is best to use in Electronic transportation, banking, electronic payment systems,and mobile applications The card content and the memory can be managed, can be uploaded and installed with different applications using several applets, and it also provides deletion of applets. The chip has best countermeasures for hacking and some other forms of attacks. It has the highest level of security and enable several authentications and access privileges. JCOP-SmartCard as IBM implementation of the JavaCard 2.2.1 OS with 32kB EEPROM, Triple-DES Coprozessor and RSA Coprozessor.

     Product specifications are currently not available. Please contact us for more information.
            • UHF Silicone Wristbands

              Wristbands are commonly applied in areas such as, hospitals, sports venues, universities, access control, e-purse, spas, swimming pools and membership cards.

               Size 60mm, Weight: 2g
               Material Silicone
               Frequency Global(860MHZ-960MHZ)
               Operating Temperature -20 C +85 C
               Reading Distance 50cm-1m (Based on ALR9800 Reader)
               Product Specs Download